Building Here


High Cove Design Guidelines
Photo Tour of Building a House at High Cove

Once you have purchased a lot at High Cove, the team will continue to work closely with you to help you through the process of building a home on your site.

We will help you select either a stock plan or an architect, and provide guidance as needed through the design process. One cost effective solution to design is to build from a stock plan. Although there are many stock plans on the market that aren’t very good, a number of very talented architects have revived the practice of producing stock plans, having recognized the difficulty of getting good design at affordable fees. (For examples of stock plans appropriate to the region, see the “Carolina Inspirations” plan book developed by Allison Ramsey Architects in Asheville.)

Prior to closing, homeowners will receive a package that includes the Operating Manual for High Cove, design guidelines, landscape guidelines, site development guidelines. There will also be a set of forms related to the steps in the process.

Although this may sound bureaucratic, we feel that it is important to have clear guidelines and procedures as a way to enable us to collaborate effectively in building a great place and a sustainable community.

We encourage you to visit NC HealthyBuilt Homes and the Western North Carolina Green Building Council for more information.