High Cove Communal Newsletter #1

This first HCCN issue is still a work in progress

so please help correct my mistakes and enjoy our

High Cove Community


Olga Ronay

the Sage of High Cove

I’m probably supposed to say something enlightening–or at least useful–in this column, but what with the start of a new year and the fact that this is the first edition of the High Cove newsletter, what keeps tugging at my sleeve are origin stories. You know, those stories that help us understand where we come from, where we’re going, and who’s on this journey with us. More…


Rhonda Evans

water flow in Beech Branch

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens can provide fun “natural” garden space while providing the double function of retaining runoff onsite.  As each lot at High Cove is developed, we are impacting the overall ecology of the High Cove property.  A rain garden is one project that can help minimize that impact but should be considered within the overall plan for site development.  When developing a lot, the goal is to retain as much of … more


Jane Greene

lumber stacked from and for 38 Stonewall

lumber stacked from and for 38 Stonewall

 38 Stonewall – Greene Building @ High Cove:

We woke early that morning in July, but not nearly as early as the crew of 7 who would be arriving soon at Lot #5. They were coming from the Banner Elk area, armed with chain saws, ropes, and heavy duty wood chipping equipment. They knew exactly what they would be doing, as they… More…


Ron Greene

Scene at High Cove by Ron Greene

Passerine @ High Cove Music Festival 1012

“Scene from High Cove”

My plan for this series of articles is to explore the opportunities for listening to or playing Folk/Old Time/Bluegrass/Singer-Songwriter music in and around High Cove. I’ll refer to this extended category as “FOBS”. More…


Tracy Hicks

reflection on our house siteand conceptual recycling

Crazy Old Artist’s Perspective:

High Cove will change. We will grow into the environment High Cove al the while changing it and ourselves. The environment of High Cove will inevitably change and we will change with it. More…


Carol Jacobsen


Notes on Nature’s Garden 

This time of year finds me thinking about Spring and planning my garden.  In addition to the vegetables we are all familiar with, I have also been learning about the abundance that is all around us, in wild foods. More…


Matt Mazzuckelli


Matt’s observations

As most of you know, I’ve been living at High Cove, primarily Firefly, since June. I stayed on Howell Rd in one of Byrne Tinney’s houses for a few weeks, then moved back to High Cove proper, the Firefly apartment. Being fully immersed in the culture here has really given me a chance to reflect on… more…


Carol’s Soul Corner

Soul Corner

“In the end, these things matter most:
How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you learn to let go?”

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