A Crazy Old Artist’s HCCNews thread

self portrait reflected on house site

self portrait reflected on house site

There is a story repeated often in the scientific community about Charles Darwin. Swedish Salmon biologist and Linnaeus/Darwin student, Lars Osterdahl, reminded me yesterday that Darwin’s editor reputedly forced him to change his wording from “survival of the fitter” to “the survival of the fittest”. The story lacks proof and works against basic scientific procedure, matters less to me than noting the difference. Fittest implies a competition that only shows its healthy accuracy over time and does not reflect the process or intention of the fitter. The ones who try to fit have a better chance of fitting. And humans are the only species capable of intentionally fitting.

We are creating an intentional community to fit in concert with the exceptionally quiet beauty of this old place with a subtle, beautiful, rich, environment. High Cove is an opportunity to intentionally create a community that fits uniquely in this Western North Carolina mountain cove. We are literally the fitters in this process. Our choices and decisions all along the way will inevitably change High Cove to be the sum of our actions in this unique place.

From their craggy heights my Pacific Northwest friends make fun of these beautifully worn old mountains. Victoria and I could have chosen younger, more challenging mountains but chose here in the Smokies for the mellow environment and the rich history. The land here is more used than the PNW and somewhat more abused. We are building on a mine site, after all. But the environment here in HIgh Cove is still rich with assets more precious than the wildlife, mica and lumber already mined where we will live the rest of our lives.

High Cove will change. We will grow into the environment High Cove al the while changing it and ourselves. The environment of High Cove will inevitably change and we will change with it. How our community evolves depends directly on us. How we mesh into it.  Everywhere humans chose to live the environment changes.

beech branch holding reflections over beech branch

beech branch holding reflections over beech branch

Please note the redundancy of my wording above: It is intentional. We (Victoria and I) will be cycling with the seasons and the natural environment more here than anywhere we have lived before. I look forward to the winters when many people leave the mountains. You may well see it the opposite and be away all winter. Communally we cycle in relationship to each other. Subtly

To bring this to a more focused point: I have taken the responsibility of creating a format for High Cove to present itself publicly here in this online quarterly newsletter format. We are also creating a private format for the people invested in High Cove to discuss the communal evolution of High Cove. To execute this responsibility I will:

  • ask all of you to contribute your thoughts and ideas in your own format
  • present the unique qualities of High Cove as best I can
  • share our experiences related to High Cove as openly as I can

To that ending point on sharing openly:

  • I can be too open _ so please be patient _ and as open with me about it
  • below is the first short and quick site evaluation from the ecologist we hired Kevin Caldwell. He will be back in the spring to assess the beech branch versant. to below the lodge.
  • Hicks High-Cove_2012

Rhonda asked me to remind all of you bicycle enthusiasts about the Burnsville Metric: http://burnsvillemetric.com/

Soon we will have a calendar and I’ll always be glad to clip in announcements when needed.

 Tracy Hicks

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