Jane Greene

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAny account of my life which makes mention of career or interests could easily be responsible for whiplash injuries – my careers have been numerous and diverse, and my interests are all over the map. I like to think that the diversity which came before prepared me in some ways for the research, planning, and decision-making involved in building our house here at High Cove. I say “some ways” because I think it is not possible to be fully prepared for such an undertaking where the variables are many and often interdependent, unforeseen events will certainly occur, and human beings are involved.

What I hope to accomplish in my series of articles is to share some things I learned or experienced which might be helpful, or at least interesting, to others who are planning to build here. I chose the name “38 Stonewall” to clearly distinguish the point of view. There will be no attempt to equate our build with any other or to suggest that our way should be anyone else’s. The priorities which informed our decisions, our particular lot, the choices and technologies available at the time of our build, and innumerable other variables make the undertaking unique. There are, however, enough potential overlaps with future High Cove builds that I can aspire to bring light to some useful bits and pieces of information.

Building here was exciting, challenging, depressing at times, but ultimately, very satisfying. We achieved most of our goals and have an efficient, comfortable, low maintenance home which delights us in many ways, expected and unexpected. I am glad to be on this side, looking back, and equally glad to be vicariously sharing in the joys others are or will be experiencing as they join us in residence at High Cove.

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