Ron Greene

Drawing by Jason Greene

Drawing by Jason Greene

Hi all. Although in the minds of many who know me I’m an over-educated, left-brain nerd, that’s only partly true. Since I’ve always enjoyed learning, in my view it’s not possible to be overly educated. Also, since I do have a modicum of creativity, which I used effectively during my working career as a physics professor with interests in artificial intelligence, I classify myself as only left-leaning in the brain department. I plead guilty to being a nerd.

However, when I retired in 2005 (I think), I mostly left physics and computing behind, and plunged whole-heartedly into learning to play guitar. I had two goals – I wanted to be able to accompany myself singing, and I wanted to learn to play a handful of simple instrumental pieces. I’ve largely accomplished both of those, as well as written about a dozen original songs and instrumentals. Nevertheless the goal line keeps moving, so I feel that I haven’t yet scored enough to win. Maybe I never will. The game is sufficiently entertaining, though, so winning really doesn’t matter.

My first interest in popular music arose during the folk revival of the late 50s and early 60s, and because of that early exposure, folk still permeates my musical interests – even my favorite rock music is the folk-rock of the Byrds and the roots-rock of Creedence Clearwater Revival. So the acoustic music scene so prevalent in Western North Carolina fits very well with my interests. I hope you’ll enjoy sharing some of those interests through my newsletter articles – maybe enough to come out to sing, jam, and/or listen with me.

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