Tracy Hicks

This “Crazy Old Artist” reference began way way before I actually felt old:

sp10Originally the Crazy Old Artist name was an easy way to acknowledge and maybe more importantly to accept the relevance of choosing to move outside the art world gallery based system by way of interpreting an over-consumption-based-society’s economic twist of art as either high or low to match a stock market. Art is neither stock nor market – to me.

In the overview of world history the art humans have produced more accurately records our intrinsic value than any economic system.

So I have consciously chosen a path accepting a level of economic poverty to work with the mediums I enjoy and in rich ghetto cultures where art can reflect real change in social and cultural understanding. In the right place and time canning tomatoes has been great art.

spNow approaching 70 years of life this crazy path has confirmed a certain relevance to the quality of my life. Through my work, I am increasingly more comfortable with myself. Occasionally I see the value of my work reflected in the lives of others. Mostly I enjoy this work. It is fun to share and to see others join in the fun. Then to know there is more than fun alone behind all I do is the relevance needed.

sp25Communities develop around mutual concepts by sharing these basic pleasures of living.

I am a Smithsonian Fellow currently studying correlations between human and amphibian skin.

current skin study

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