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Why High Cove?
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High Cove sits on approximately 108 acres of land, and our current plans include 45 homes.  Home sites will vary between the relatively compact village center and larger lots on the edges of the settlement.  The developed area will be compact, leaving a large percentage of the land to be preserved under a conservation and stewardship program.

Our goal is to create a sustainable community in the mountains of North Carolina, a community that will foster rich and lasting human relationships, provide a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to live, learn, and share experiences, while preserving the land, water, native plants and animals.  It is intended to be a model human settlement, designed in harmony with the land and life that we find already in the region.   

High Cove is neither a suburban subdivision nor a littering of isolated vacation cabins in the woods.  Contrary to the common patterns of development, our goal is to create a compact, sustainable community, encompassing places for permanent residents, seasonal residents, and occasional visitors, and connected to a preserve that is maintained according to the best practices of land stewardship. 

As we have worked to realize these goals, we have been inspired and encouraged by other communities in the area, such as the Celo community, Earthaven, Wildacres, and the Penland School of Crafts.

High Cove is a place that we are creating on purpose, but we have intentionally structured its development in a way that emulates traditional town building. In our site design and planning, we have allowed for a mix of uses necessary to make High Cove village a lively and interesting place.   The house that was on the site when we acquired the land has been renovated (and will continue to be renovated and expanded) so that it can serve as the Firefly Inn, a “bed and breakfast.”  

In addition, we understand that High Cove will only mature into the kind of place that we hope it will be, if we can provide opportunities for friends, acquaintances, and strangers to bring their own ideas, resources, and efforts to the project of building the place that we will share.  Each of us (and each of you who joins us) will be able to own a site and build a place that suits our needs, but each of us will also be responsible for doing so in a way that contributes to the quality and character of the place.