Development Team

David Brain David Brain Professor of Sociology, New College of Florida; planning and urban design consultant, Collaborative Community Design, LLC; President, Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development; Faculty & Board Member, National Charrette Institute; Board Member, Seaside Institute. 
Anne Merrill Anne Merrill  Planning and development consultant, with AMDS, Inc., and Collaborative Community Design, LLC; Board member, Florida House Institute for Sustainable Development and Economic Development Corporation, Sarasota County.
John Moore John Moore Wood carver, classical scholar, brewer, lover of stories.
Olga Ronay on the porch Olga Ronay AICP planner, with projects including the Sarasota 2050 (comprehensive plan), The Bridges (a mixed-use, workforce housing community), and many community visioning charrettes. 
Jerry SparkmanPhoto: Radio Free Carmela &
the Transmitters.
Jerry Sparkman Principal, TOTeMS, Architecture.  Architect and site planner.  Other current projects include: an office and retail complex slated for LEED certification; The Bridges (a mixed-use, workforce housing community); Habitat for Humanity/Leonard Reid Neighborhood (a mixed-income, mixed use neighborhood), and several neighborhood and environmentally oriented parks.  (He is also a blazing dobro pl

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