Frequently Asked Questions

How big is High Cove?

We currently have about 108 acres, and the plan for the first phases encompasses about 45 houses. We hope to acquire more land as the community develops, most of which would be added to the preserve.

Will there be a homeowners’ association?

Yes. High Cove will be governed by the High Cove Village Association. The documents have been written, however, to facilitate democratic self-governance of the community, as new residents join us, and to help provide constant guidance in maintaining the vision of a sustainable, lively community in the mountains. (Read more on “Governance”).

Will there be architectural standards?

The Design Guidelines for High Cove are intended to be the framework that enables us to build a sustainable community, not just a scattered subdivision in the woods. For us, a sustainable community is one that maintains a somewhat coherent sense of place, as well as an abiding respect for the land around us. We have worked very hard to identify standards that we think will help us achieve our goals for High Cove, without being too onerous and restrictive.

What about water and utilities?

Common infrastructure will provide each lot with water, telephone connection, and electrical power (although we encourage house designs that use both as efficiently as possible). The larger lots have been designed to accommodate their own septic system for wastewater treatment. In the village center (to be developed in a future phase), houses will be connected to a central wastewater treatment system. Both individual septic systems and the central treatment facility will be required to be designed to specifications for minimal impact on the land.

How will the preserve be managed?

The High Cove plan will keep approximately two thirds of the land in preserve. In the short term, the preserve will be managed by High Cove, LC, under the terms of an “Open Space Agreement” with the High Cove Village Association. The agreement will insure that homeowners in the HCVA have the right to use and participate in the management of the preserve, and the HCVA will contribute to the costs, In the longer term, when there is sufficient capacity, we hope to pass the responsibility to the separate non-profit community support organization. The land will be managed under the guidelines of a Forest Stewardship Plan.

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