High Cove

A green community for the incurably curious, nestled in the Southern Appalachian mountains. 

Welcome to High Cove!

High Cove is an unusual intentional community in the mountains of western North Carolina, with a focus on the arts, environment, and lifelong learning. We’re located on 96 acres in Mitchell County, near the towns of Burnsville and Spruce Pine, and the Penland School of Craft. Much of the forested land is preserved for conservation. There are two small neighborhoods now, and a mixed-use village center is planned. 


High Cove began as a conversation that became a vision – a vision of a joyful place where friends share an appreciation of the arts, the beauty of the land, and the pleasures of lifelong learning.  The vision became a plan and the plan became a community.  

Learn more about the vision, explore the land, and study the plan.

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The activity that most exemplifies life at High Cove is the “pot luck.”  The beauty of a pot luck is that everybody contributes what they have, what they can do, and what they love. The result is sharing a feast of wonderful diversity and extraordinary abundance.

Learn more about the life of High Cove.

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An important aspect of realizing the vision for High Cove is that each of us is responsible for building in a way that aligns with the core values of the community and ultimately contributes to the character and quality of the place.  Are you ready to create your place in High Cove?  

Review the Site Plan for available home sites, learn about building a house, and start the process.

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Would you like to know more?

Do you have questions? Need more information? Use this form to contact High Cove LC, for more information about making a home here.

 Interested in joining the community?  Please note that High Cove is a community of home owners.  In order to join, one has to buy a building site or an existing home.   

We encourage you to review our “Frequently Asked Questions” before filling out this form.  Thanks!