The process of making a home in High Cove is an exciting opportunity for creativity and self-expression.  We can help you make the most of it.

Everybody here is eager to share what we have learned over the last 20 years, whether you have questions about choosing a site, about design,  the costs of construction, or the process of building.  Some resources are on this web site, or you can conteact us with questions.  


Houses in High Cove range from “tiny” to “not so big”, and are designed to respect both the land and their neighbors.  If you are looking for examples of houses that have been built here, take a look at the photo gallery and case studies.  More case studies are in process!  


Every building project in High Cove is designed to reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility, to express appreciation of the craft of building, and to embody the spirit of community  in their variety.  The High Cove Design Guidelines have been written to facilitate realization of these goals.  


How do you get here from there?  Here is an overview of the process.  


Ready to pick a site for your place in High Cove?  Take a look at the available sites here.  

How do I get there from here?

The process of building a house can be daunting– so many decisions to make– but also exciting and intensely satisfying.   We are eager to do everything we can to help.    


What are your goals?

Think about the kind of place you hope to create, the kinds of things you hope to do here. Do you want to be close to the action? Set farther off in the woods? The best possible solar exposure? Do you need live/work space? A studio space?


Imagine a house.

We encourage people to think about how to build small, to keep their footprint small. Does this work for you?

Review the High Cove design guidelines. The design guidelines are relatively minimal, but important. Mostly they have to do with building “green.”

Ask yourself:  am I really prepared to go through the long process of designing and building a house?



Walk the land, join a community gathering, talk to the people here.

Please note that High Cove is a small community with a very limited capacity for accommodating visitors.  Before requesting a visit, please ask yourself if you are serious about buying a house or a piece of land in order to build a house. 


Pick your site.

You can hold your favorite lot by putting down a deposit. Begin the process of envisioning your home by spending some time sitting on the site.


Talk about your ideas.

We are happy to discuss your ideas for your house with you.  You can talk to people who have already built homes, and you can talk with local builders.  


Spend time here.

We encourage new residents to spend as much time here as they can– before and during the process of building their home.  We are not currently offering short term accommodations, but there are many available through programs such as AirBnb  or VRBO.  Also, we recommend the Celo Inn nearby.

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