Lifelong Learning

Community is about sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences.  It is learning together.

We value education and life-long learning. In this spirit, the High Cove Institute provides lifelong learning, research and service opportunities to residents, associates and visitors; its main mission is to build and strengthen relationships both within the community and with the greater local community.


Much of the cultural life of High Cove involves connecting with the extraordinary resources available in the region. The Penland School of Craft offers workshops in various media including clay, glass, textiles, photography, and wood. An observatory offers a 34” telescope and dark skies. University writing classes meet in nearby Burnsville. Musicians congregate at the summer Swannanoa Gathering.

Through the High Cove Institute and community partners, we seek to support and facilitate educational, cultural, and environmentally restorative activities that reflect the values of our community. At the same time, we have a broader educational mission in relation to the principles of sustainability embodied in High Cove, developing educational programs with relevance to the region. These educational activities are a way of bringing people together to meet each other and to enjoy being part of a community. They also serve as a link to the larger community, bringing in other viewpoints and facilitating interaction with neighbors.

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