Firefly Lodge

A place for community.

Firefly Lodge is the original 4 bedroom house that was on the land when the founding partners in High Cove LC bought the property in 2001.  The main structure was a basic log cabin kit, with additions that were done by the previous owner.   While High Cove was in its early planning stages, Firefly served as the base of operations for the planning group, and became a place for community gathering as visitors have become residents.  

Today the Lodge is managed by the Firefly Lodge Group (FLG), which includes two of the original HCLC partners– David Brain and Anne Merrill.  FLG is committed to maintaining its contribution to community life, and is happy to host a range of community events.  Events include the annual Gathering, and the High Cove Music Festival.  The Lodge offers affordable overnight accommodations for friends and family of community members, for visitors interested in a possible home site, and for participants in community events and programs.

Firefly Lodge also serves as the headquarters of the High Cove Institute.  

Visitors to the Lodge are likely to encounter a monthly cocktail-hour gathering, a pot-luck dinner with residents and visitors, scientists or artists-in-residence organized by the AS IF Center, a house concert, or a casual musical jam.  

For more information, please feel free to contact us by email:   lodge [at]