Frequently Asked Questions

In recent years, we’ve been getting a lot of interest from people interested in joining our community, or just curious about what we’ve built here.  These are some of the most common questions.

How does somebody join the community?

High Cove is basically a community of homeowners.  Joining the community involves buying a building site and building a home.  There is no formal selection process. 

At this time, we do not have the ability to accommodate people who may have a lot to offer but who are not willing and able to make this kind of financial investment.

If you think you might be interested in buying into the community, tell us about what you are looking for in a community and we can have a conversation about what High Cove has to offer, and whether we’re a good fit for one another.

Can I visit High Cove?

We’re a small, hand-crafted community, so we are not able to offer public tours.  We simply do not have the people or the facilities to acommodate visitors in this way.  Most of our energy these days goes toward strengthening community with those who are already here, and toward supporting the community groups in our area.

If you are interested in the possibility of building a home, we are happy to talk with you about the current opportunities.

Can I buy or lease a spot for a tiny house on wheels?

We do not have any sites for tiny houses on wheels.  We encourage people to build tiny houses, but they have to be on a foundation and they are required to meet “green” building standards. 

There are a number of tiny house communities in the greater Asheville area that you might try.

Are there any building sites currently available?

All of the original home sites have now been sold. There may be one or two sites currently for sale by owner, and we are planning to make one or two additional lots available in the future.

We are open to conversations with people interested in the possibility of building in the proposed village center. Village center sites have been reserved for those interested in building a studio, gallery or shop with integrated living space. We also hope to interest someone in building an inn or a bed and breakfast.

Do people live in High Cove full time?

Most of the houses in HIgh Cove are occupied by full-time residents, but there are a few part-timers.  The community is pleased to welcome members with very different life circumstances, something that we feel enriches the life of the community.

Are children welcome in the community?

Absolutely.  As our community grows, we hope to see more demographically diverse households with respect to age, household composition, etc.  

What about pets?

Many High Cove households include non-human members.  The community has developed a pet policy to help these non-human members understand how to be considerate neighbors.  

Are there any houses or apartments for rent?

The design guidelines allow for the possibility of an auxiliary apartment that can be reserved for family or caretakers, or that can rented in the short or long term. A few of the residents have taken advantage of this opportunity. The supply of rentals is very limited, and rarely available as long-term rentals.

If I buy or build a house in High Cove, can it be offered for rent?

Most members of High Cove are full-time residents, but there are a few homeowners that make their places available for short-term rentals. There are no rules
against creating a rental, but community members have developed guidelines to insure that owners communicate to their tenants what is expected when one is a visitor in our community.

What would be expected of me as a member of the community?

High Cove is not the sort of intentional community where members are required to donate regular work hours or service to the community. As a member of the
association, you are required to pay an annual assessment that goes to maintaining the community’s infrastructure. All community activities are organized by members and participation is always voluntary.

When purchasing a lot or home in High Cove, all members sign on to a common commitment to responsible stewardship of the land and the community commons.  

How is High Cove governed?

Governance takes two forms in the High Cove community.  The Village Association at High Cove (VHCA) is the legal association of owners that takes responsibility for managing the commons and maintaining the infrastructure (e.g., water, roads, etc.).  Community projects are initiated and managed through a bottom-up process referred to as the Circle Process.  The Circle process is designed to allow members with common interests to organize a project, and provides a structure for building support for that project among the whole community.