High Cove Institute

A community dedicated to the arts, science, the environment and lifelong learning.

The High Cove Institute has been established to support cultural, environmental, educational and community-building activities at High Cove. The main purpose of the Institute is to build and strengthen relationships both within the community and between High Cove and the broader local community.

In High Cove, community building is rooted in the collaborative creation of a unique sense of place, in shared appreciation for both the beauty of the land and the value of human connections.

In addition to support for general cultural programming related to music, science and the environment, and the arts, the Institute seeks to provide practical support for environmental stewardship, community engagement and civic responsibility.

What does it take to be intentional about community?

It takes work to sustain the relationships that comprise a community. Such collaborative effort can be challenging at times, but it can and should also be fun and interesting.

The High Cove Institute has been established as a non-profit “community support organization,” inspired by examples that can be found in many new communities, such as the Seaside Institute in Seaside, FL, and Serenbe in Georgia.

It is designed to grow as High Cove grows, facilitating the work of realizing the vision and aspirations of the community.

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