Cabin Fever University

Drink dark beer, Earl Grey tea, or imagined cocktails. Toast Walt Whitman, knit, fix bikes, make Viking jewelry. Learn about botany, politics, blue whales. Hear about travels in India, Tasmania, Patagonia. Share your passion for maps, Queen, wild-foraged food. Sing, dance, meditate–or play to win at ping-pong. These are just a few events offered by Cabin Fever University.

Started by residents of the nearby Celo Community 20+ years ago, Cabin Fever University is a reason to get together in winter and share skills, knowledge, and ideas, as well as fun. Anyone can sponsor an event. Most are centered around Celo, although High Cove has hosted its share. There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience in our rural mountain region, and people are happy to share the wealth–CFU events are inexpensive or free.

And although knowledge is forever, Cabin Fever is ephemeral. As soon as the longer, warmer days of spring arrive folks will be out in their gardens, on the trails, or just enjoying some porch-sitting with friends and fireflies.

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